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Teeth Whitening in Preston, our number one Cosmetic Dental TreatmentIf you’re thinking about having your teeth whitened, then our cosmetic dentistry is the perfect place for you. Our cosmetic dentists are renowned for providing one of the best teeth whitening treatment in the North West, so we can guarantee to give you the best results possible.

Our dentists apply a carefully-controlled concentration of bleach to your teeth using a specially made tray that fits perfectly in your mouth. Our fantastic dentists will then discuss with you the level of whitening that you want to achieve and give you an idea of how many treatments you need to have to get the results that you are looking for.

Even if you teeth are healthy they could still be yellow or darker as teeth tend to get darker as people age. Teeth often become darker if their roots have been damaged and the ‘nerve’ has died.

Teeth whitening is the preferred option as it won’t remove the surface of your teeth or change their original shape. It is also regarded a lot better than its alternatives such as veneers, as teeth whitening doesn’t involve permanently altering the tooth’s structure and they are easier to look after.

If teeth whitening isn’t something that you are looking for, you can still contact us no matter what type of cosmetic dental treatment that you are looking for whether that is dental implants, orthodontics or many more. Our dentists in Preston have undergone a huge amount of training and specialise in every aspect of dentistry, so you know that you are in the best capable hands when you get in touch with us.

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