Dental Bonding in Preston

Our Dental Bonding in Preston treatment uses a composite resin that mimics the colour of a natural tooth and is a fantastic way to repair decayed, fractured, chipped or discoloured teeth. Unlike veneers, which have to be made in a laboratory, Dental Bonding in Preston can be achieved in just one visit to our dentistry in Preston. The procedure is called dental bonding because the material literally bonds with the natural tooth.

Exceptional Tooth Bonding in Grimsargh, Preston!

Tooth Bonding in Grimsargh, Preston is one of the simplest, easiest and cheapest cosmetic dental treatments that are regularly performed at our dentistry in Preston. The resin used in the treatment can be shaped and polished in a way that will match the colour of your teeth that surround the one that needs treatment. Tooth Bonding is mainly used to fix the appearance that a chipped or discoloured tooth might cause. Many of our patients undergo dental bonding to reduce/close the spaces between teeth, to make their teeth look longer or to change the shape and colour of any of their existing teeth.

The best thing about dental bonding in Preston is that there’s no need to prepare for it. Anaesthesia isn’t needed unless the dental bonding is being placed to fill in a decayed tooth. The resin that is used in the dental bonding treatment is just like a natural tooth, which we can also enhance the colour of your teeth with our fantastic Teeth Whitening in Preston service. However, consuming tea and coffee often as well as smoking can stain this resin and cause a discolouration. To make sure that the resin that was used in your treatment stays the colour you want it, it is essential that you perform good Oral Hygiene in Grimsargh, which will also benefit the existing teeth and reduce the chances of gum disease.