Dental Bridges in Preston

Dental Bridges in Preston and Grimsargh are a series of crowns that are joined together to cover or close a gap between two teeth. If you have lost one or two teeth and you don’t want to wear a denture then Dental Bridges in Preston are the best possible treatment for you. They are permanent, and once they are bonded into place they will feel like another other natural tooth. Each dental bridge that we provide normally last between ten and fifteen years and is manufactured from porcelain that has been bonded to gold. A dental bridge is created by fitting Dental Crowns in Preston to the teeth at each side of the gap and by attaching a false, porcelain, tooth/teeth in the middle of these two crowns.

Porcelain Bridges in Grimsargh, Preston!

Getting Porcelain Bridges in Grimsargh, Preston is an extremely simple procedure and the best thing is that they look completely natural. A Porcelain Bridge in Preston is a great way to stop other teeth from moving into a gap that has been caused by a missing tooth which can guard against joint problems, tooth decay and the development of speech impediments. If a tooth were to move into that gap it could also cause a misaligned bite.

If you choose to get dental bridge treatment, Dr Arfan Iqbal will check the overall health of your gums and teeth at each side of the gap that you are trying to fill, to ensure that they are suitable for the treatment and he will take the appropriate measures if they are not. Our dentist in Preston will then take an impression of your teeth as well as the gap so that out dental technicians can make a model on which to build the bridge.