abscessed-tooth-4Sometimes when the inside of your mouth gets cut, it could make way for bacteria to enter and cause an infection. In most cases, you will see a painfull swelling which is filled with a thick, yellow fluid called pus and if this pus is unable to drain out of your mouth properly then it could lead to getting more swollen and even more painful which is commonly known as an abscess, which is your bodies way of trying to keep the bacteria from spreading any further. An abscess often form very quickly (usually within one or two days).

There are two types of abscesses:

  1. A gum abscess (which is also called a periodontal abscess). This type of abscess is caused when there is an infection between your tooth and your gum.
  2. A tooth absces (which is also called a periapical abscess). This type of abscess is caused when your tooths nerve is dead or dying.

In most cases, an abscess is painful which is why people seek out treatment almost instantly, which is why we offer a 24/7 dental emergency service. In rare cases, the infection can case next to no pain. However, if an abscess is left untreated, then this infection could last months, if not years. An abscess will NOT go away on its own so it’s essential that you give us a call as soon as you see any symptoms.

The main symptom when it comes to a dental abscess is a throbbing which is often very bad. The pain will most likely start very suddenly and get gradually worse. Other symptoms of an absces include:

  1. Pain when biting
  2. Pain when you touch the infected area
  3. Sensitvity to both cold or hot foods or liquids
  4. A foul taste in your mouth
  5. A fever
  6. Finding it harder to open your mouth
  7. Difficulties swallowing
  8. Insomnia

If you experience any of the above symptoms, give us a call immediately on 01772 651130 or if its out of hours 07794 516586 so that we can book you in for a check up and one of our qualified dentists will provide you with a treatment plan to getting rid of your abscess.